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In this section you will find helpful items to prepare you for mediation.

Preparing for mediation:

Parties who are not represented by lawyers should read my suggestions on How Unrepresented Parties Can Prepare for Mediation. 

Lawyers representing clients in mediation will benefit from my list of Points to Discuss with Clients. The ABA produced a memo, "Tips for Lawyers at Mediation". My colleague Shel Stark has a number of helpful articles on his website

This memo will help, as its title promises, in Preparing for Christian Mediation

If you are uncertain as to what type of mediator will best suit your particular case, you may find my article on mediator styles helpful: "Selecting the Right Mediator For Your Case."

Agreement to Mediate:

The standard Agreement to Mediate suits most cases. Please review this to see whether this will work for your particular case.

If both parties are Christian, and wish to incorporate biblical principles into the process, we recommend med/arb, using this Med/Arb Agreement form. If parties prefer mediation only, they can use this Agreement to Mediate.

Mediation summaries: I have some suggestions for drafting your mediation summary. You may also benefit from reading an article written by my colleague, Shel Stark, "Writing the Mediation Summary."

Mediation Conference Call Checklist: Please consult this checklist prior to our conference call, so you will be prepared to have an efficient, productive conference call with opposing counsel and me to help us prepare well for your mediation.

A written agreement is the outcome people are usually looking for, but it can be challenging to draft this well at the end of a long mediation. Why not prepare ahead of time for the mediated agreement? This checklist can help.


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