Helping to resolve conflicts for 25 years.

Are you involved in a conflict with another person? If you cannot resolve it yourselves, it may be time to consider mediation. Mediators do not tell disputants how they should solve their problem; mediators help disputants find the solution that’s right for them. I have mediated hundreds of cases in the last 30 years, assisting people to settle lawsuits, reconcile relationships, and solve problems they could not solve on their own. For more information on how I can assist you as a mediator, visit the Mediation page. If you would like to engage me as a mediator, please visit the Mediation Tools page.

Are you thinking about becoming a mediator? Intervening in people’s conflicts can be incredibly hard work, but also immensely rewarding. I have been providing training in mediation, peacemaking and conflict resolution for over 25 years, in legal, church, corporate and other settings. Click here for more information on the training I provide.

Maybe your group needs a facilitator, to help the group reach consensus through healthy discussion. I have experience facilitating family issues, faculty decision-making, non-profit boards, church and workplace committees, and may be able to help you as a facilitator.

Conflict coaching is another service I offer, for individuals who want to respond well to conflict, especially if they want help responding biblically to conflict.

Sometimes people need a neutral person to make the decision that ends their dispute. I have served as an arbitrator for years in many disputes, including estate cases, employment terminations, and homebuyer-homeseller and other contractual disputes. Please contact me to learn how arbitration might benefit you.

Upcoming Events

Two online 40-hour mediation training courses this fall:
September 16-18, September 30, October 1-2, 2020 (FULL)
October 28-30, November 11-13, 2020
Sponsored by Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan, Grand Rapids MI. 

For more information, go to the Training page. 

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